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Darling Legacy 1.5

Welcome to the final installment of the Darling Legacy Generation 1. This week the house is rampant with teenagers, Roaches and the flu! Also the kids all head off to college so we'll have an heir poll!

Our Founder is Bekah by simpurity   , Founder Spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod  

Cameos this week include sims by eien_herrison   , simtopi  , juri_anne  , selzi  , quinctia  , jesstheex  , just_jasper, radiationpoison , tiipiipii , beachwee  

Last time at the Darlings we had the Angelina Challenge bringing 3 adopted kids to the house -- Amar, Greg and Caryl. Everything remained functional during the beginning of the week with kids getting A+'s, growing up well, promotions and good chance cards, and the family autonomously skilling. Things got crazy once the adoptions started, hector started to show signs of a breakdown and both Bekah and Hector and 2 nannies had a hard time keeping up with all the toddlers in the house. Miriam grew up into a teen and declared a popularity aspiration. The adopted children, and Levi grew up badly and started to act out... To top off the week, the repo man came and the kids were excused from school for a snow day.

Week 5 Challenge Roll:
The DIY Challenge: no NPC's are allowed on the lot for one week. Fire the butler, the maid, the gardener and the nanny. Not that the nanny does much, anyway...* Power down any Servos on the lot for the week.

As promised here is a quick tour of the house:

The front is somewhat bland at the moment because I spent all the money on building and furnishing so there isn't any landscaping yet

The back of the lot, eventually I hope to add a walk-out basement

First Floor floor-plan (clockwise from upper left): Office/Skilling room, powder room, living area, Girls bedroom, Bathroom, Nursery, Entry way, Boys bedroom

The upper floor is more open with the kitchen, dining area, small bathroom, and master bedroom and ensuite back

The top level is going to be a grandparents suite, right now it's unfinished because a) I ran out of funds to wall paper and furnish b) it really doesn't have any purpose until the heir moves back in

The DIY Challenge shouldn't really be a problem in this house, all of the Darlings are neatniks and clean automously (also, all the kids are out of diapers, so no nanny isn't a big deal!)

See, even Levi will put his toys away... it's almost like he's well-adjusted

... or not ...

The week is getting off to a standard start, the kids are home all day because of the snowday carrying over from last round

Miriam is worried that Levi is going to read (or maybe destroy) her diary

The boys spend their snow day building sand-- er-- snowcastles. Luckily they all came in before I could get a social worker warning that they were freezing

It's still snowing outside when Bekah stops walk-by Ryan Austin eien_herrison   

Ryan is more entertained with the fish tank than with all of the goings-on in the Darling household. It's probably better that he's ignorant of all the of crazy-ness

After playing with the fishies a while, Ryan goes up to get a lesson in Grilled Cheese making from Bekah

He enjoys his grilled cheese with the two single, and eligible Darling teens...

Ruminating over potential spouses for an heir got me remembering that I neglected to randomize Achsa and Miriam's gender preferences

Looks like Achsa is straight and Miriam is bi... That's good for options once you, dear readers, pick an heir

When Hector returns from work, Caryl demonstrates that she is, in fact, the most functional of all of the Darling children, Cecelia Bairdsimtopi   stops to take a couple breaths of fresh air

Achsa, on the other hand, is getting less and less functional by the day

Hector and Achsa try to boost each other's moods with a rousing game of 'punch you, punch me'... unfortunately it ends with them just seeing who can punch the other hardest

Achsa is not please with Hector's abuse...

Oy, someone is cranky lately... at least they managed to last the night without fighting too badly or tanking their relationship to 0

Now that I know bad things can happen as a result of hobby chance cards, I'm always a little scared fo these school related ones

Well that's one less homework assignment we'll have to deal with hopefully...

Bekah needed some friends for her next promotion so she invited Plum Conceptiajuri_anne   over for the afternoon

One of the teens also brought home the beautiful Rosalind Silverselzi   from school. Miriam and Rosalind enjoy a nice game of chess, alas, no love connection though

No guests ever leave the Darling house without a meal of grilled cheese, Plum and Rosalind are no exception

Looks like Hector missed the fresh grilled cheese...

apparently so did Levi... whoops!

While Bekah is busy entertaining her guests and the rest of the family is off doing God knows what, Isaac transitions into a teen all alone in the office

Romance aspiration... interesting

Isaac is randomized to be gay, too bad I guess I won't be hooking him up with pebblefish  's Carla if he becomes heir... even though she calls him all the time and they probably have a pretty good relationship

Isaac must have transitioned with an empty bladder because he almost has an accident... luckily the powder room is connected to the office so he didn't have far to run and made it in time

I love when sims are autonomously sweet to their younger siblings

Promotion for Bekah! Yay!

Bekah calls off work because the promotion had her going in immediately after she had gotten home... I hate when that happens

This is the best part of my... er... Bekah's day. When the kids go off to school

This is turning into a regular occurance around the Darling household, Achsa is constantly in the red, I will be so glad to send them off to Uni at the end of the round

Bekah spends her day off spraying roaches and cleaning up the front yard... she is not pleased. Napolean Deline quinctia   and his !pet skunk! are wondering what Bekah is so upset over

Homework spam...

Levi... is not pleased. He hates homework.

Levi even rages at Miriam doing her homework

Birthday time for Amar... the oldest of the adoptees

He grows up to be a pretty handsome young man. Sorry Amar, still not eligible for heir

Amar's aspiration which is ultimately unimportant

Amar gets sent off to college so there is one less teen in the house to take their aggression out on the trash can

See what I mean?

Isaac is worried about his sister and the roach problem she is causing


Achsa... what's the point in putting the trash back into the trashcan if you're just going to kick it over again?

More trauma is taking place in the house... Caryl, now is not the appropiate time to ask your parents to play a game or read to you...

... told you so ...

The next morning... Achsa... you're not helping your case here...

Luckily (for me) Achsa was 2 days from transitioning to adult, so she got sent off to college

The house is clearning out quickly, it's time for Greg's birthday

Surprisingly he grows up well

A shot of Greg's aspiration before he's shipped off to uni, probably never to be heard from again... See ya Greg!

Uh oh Hector. What's wrong?

Looks like it was time for another birthday

Elder Hector, still handsome as ever with his snow white dreads

The house was low on food, so Bekah got sent to the farmer's market to get some more supplies and chat with some pixel_trade sims. All the usual subjects are at the market. Bekah strikes up a conversation with Gibson Irving whom Hadley Doyle thinks is smokin' (both by jesstheex  )

Also at the market are Pax (just_jasper), Glen Coleman (tiipiipii ), and Echo Heart (radiationpoison )

Levi is definitely turning into the problem child... luckily for him, a missed day of school isn't really a problem anymore because...

It's Levi's birthday that night!

I'm pretty certain he grew up badly, but he's pretty handsome

Levi's aspiration and gender preferences

Now that he's a teen, instead of going into rage fits, Levi usually spends most of his time in front of the mirror primping

Bekah also transitioned into elder while doing some yoga

Despite the insanity of the house, she transitioned in platinum mood

The platinum birthday allowed Bekah to declare her secondary, Romance aspiration

On her first day of work as an elder, Bekah comes home with a promotion. She also brings home a friend, Oliver Bennett (beachwee  ) from work

On the last day of the week, the social worker warnings come flooding in... I'm really not surprised, I was so exhausted after this week that I couldn't really wait for it to be over

Time for the final Darling child to transition

Caryl transitions well into a teenager, and she's pretty too!

Caryl's aspiration... another Pleasure sim in the Darling fold

All the remaining teens get shipped off to college... Miriam was the only other one who managed to get any scholarships

The four Darling Heir candidates are at University awaiting playing, here they are as Young Adults (note: I haven't yet looked at their Lifetime Wants or Personalities yet so the only info I can provide is their Aspiration, Gender Preferences and Turn on/offs)

 Achsa Darling ~ Pleasure Aspiration ~ Straight
Turn Ons: Blond Hair and Cleaning     Turn Off: Hardworker

Miriam Darling ~ Popularity Aspiration ~ Bi
Turn Ons: Logic and Cooking     Turn Off: Full Face Make-up

Isaac Darling ~ Romance Aspiration ~ Gay
Turn Ons: Red Hair and Cooking     Turn Off: Underwear

Levi Darling ~ Popularity Aspiration ~ Gay
Turn Ons: Cologne and Formal Wear     Turn Off: Red Hair

Next time we have !Uni, and when our heir returns, Bekah will no longer be the torchholder... will she devolve into senility like her beloved husband?

We shall see...

ISBI Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Bunny Visits:
Self-Wettings: 2
Nanny Self-Wettings: 2
Pass-Outs: 4
Accidental Deaths:
Social Worker Warnings: 6
Social Worker Visits: