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Darling Legacy 1.2

Another week, another installment of the Darling pixel_trade VDS-ISBI Legacy
Our Founder is Bekah by simpurity and the
Generation 1 spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod 

Cameos this week include sims by: steezie_k, radiationpoison, skittlebox, leenyland, iliketoplaygod, xel_squirgle_ox, tacy00p, jens_sims, tinykat, tiipiipii, sadieg79, selzi, sea_serpent, prescilla_bean, eien_herrison 

Last time Bekah got off to meager beginnings after losing all of her remaining money to an internet scam but at least her lot had a panoramic view of the lighthouse bay.  After visiting many many community lots and finding very few compatible matches, Bekah settled down with her only 2 bolt match, Hector (iliketoplaygod).  Hector settled into life as an uncontrollable and managed not to have any accidents, breakdowns or starve in his first few days in the house... hence a semi-boring round of an ISBI... Bekah got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl they named Achsa.  

Against my better judgement, i downloaded the trips/quads hack and the larger families hack... so will things spiral out of control this round?... we shall see...

Ahhh Hector... so blissfully unaware how horrible things could potentially get...

I was curious about Hector and looked up the stats I gave him when I imported him into the neighborhood.  Hector is a Family Sim with a personality spread of 6/5/8/3/3.  He is turned on by unemployed blondes and turned off by mechanical skill.  Hector also has a job, judging by the uniform I think it's the Politics career but I'm not 100% certain... he's also pretty high up in the career and makes 1225 simoleans per shift. 

But enough about Hector, lets get on with the round shall we...

Week 2 Challenge Roll:
The Secret Life of a Call Girl: your sims are the victims of the global economic downturn and everyone has been fired. Nominate one of your sims to become a lady/gentleman of the night; all money earned for the week must come from selling the items gifted to the sim from dates they go on with random sims they meet at community lots.
[I modified this a bit... instead of using Hector's one adult command to quit his job I'll just use familyfunds to subtract any money he earns this week... I'm thinking of it as furlough days]

Times were tough, Bekah was forced to quit her job in the Adventure career... not having a job left her with a lot of freetime on her hands.  She used the free time to try and meet some more people around town and network a bit

At the community lodge, she met a handsome man named Nate Brensley (steezie_k).  [in the background looking a souveniers we have Veta Quagmeyer (radiationpoison) and my September pixel_trade founder submission, Stasya]

In the meantime...

Outside the lodge it looks like there is a romance blooming between Eliane Charmichael (skittlebox) and Jade Crayola (leenyland)... Edvard (iliketoplaygod), behaving like a typical man, thinks it's hot

Edvard continues to be a creeper... Here's a hit, Edvard... I don't think they're into you...

/end interlude

Bekah and Nate get along swimmingly... Nate even enjoys discussing the wonderousness of Grilled Cheese with Bekah

Nate and Bekah end up having a wonderful afternoon together

After a successful outing with Nate, Bekah decided to see who she could meet at the bookstore

The first person she met at the bookstore was Dorian Moore (xel_squirgle_ox) [Bekah and Dorian have 2 bolts!!!  Where was he last week when she was searching for a husband].  Unfortunately for Bekah, Dorian had other things to do, so they couldn't get to know each other better than just a greeting.

After Dorian left, the bookstore started to get really crowded [from the left we have Michael Mullins (tacy00p), the back of Osage Ixchel's head (sadieg79), Claudio Spicoli (selzi) talking to Etta Astrid (jens_sims), Aleksi Kolkka (tinykat) and Glen Coleman (tiipiipii)]  Bekah struck up a coversation with Glen Coleman

Glen point blank refused to accept Bekah's invitation to sit down for a Grilled Cheese...

After their initial disagreement over melty cheesy goodness... they still managed to have a good conversation and a pleasant outing despite Glen having to cut things short

Back at home, Hector takes care of Achsa... he is very proud of his daughter and shows her off to his work friend Mufasa Scallywag (sea_serpent)

After Hector put Achsa to bed, and Mufasa left for the evening, Bekah and Hector talked about their days and Bekah told Hector about all the nice people she met at the book and record store

In the morning, Bekah wasn't feeling well... she hoped she hadn't caught something while she was out the day before

Being the wonderful husband he is, Hector told her to go lay down while he finished the dishes

Even after taking it easy most of the day, Bekah still was running to the bathroom constantly to toss her cookies

Bekah was happy that she felt well enough later in the day to help Achsa transition into toddlerhood

Achsa definitely favored Hector in looks but with Bekah's pouty lips.

While Bekah was eating her midnight snack of Grilled Cheese she learned why she had been feeling so ill lately... she was going to have another baby

With Bekah sleeping most of her pregnancy, poor Achsa didn't get too much attention from her mommy

Achsa was not a happy camper...

Hector tried to pick up the slack and give Achsa more attention

He finally figured out that a stinky toddler means a dirty diaper and learned how to use the changing table

Hector really is a good daddy

Hector wasn't always able to keep up with the dirty diapers though...

He was very quick to give Achsa a bath when she needed one though

On the off chance that Bekah wasn't eating or sleeping, she actually tried to spend time with Achsa, she read her stories

And even tried to teach her how to walk

Baby Time!

The Trips and Quads hack didn't get installed for me to wuss out on using it... so Random it is

Luckily Bekah only had one baby, a girl named Miriam with rosey skin, Hector's eyes, and brown hair

With a new baby in the house, Bekah and Hector tried their best to pay attention to Achsa

But sometimes she was left to fend for herself...

... not a good idea ...


I forsee this happening more and more as Bekah and Hector have more children

And more children appears to be exactly what they are trying to achieve
Fortunately Achsa was growing up that evening, Bekah helped her blow out her candles

Achsa grew up well and transitioned into a very pretty young lady

A very pretty, stinky young lady

Poor Achsa passed out before she was able to make it up the ladder into her brand new loft bed... [yay my first ISBI stat!]

I guess she doesn't like the loft bed because when she came to, she crawled into bed with Bekah

Hector was starting to have some issues keeping up with both girls, he was too good of a father almost to a fault and almost had an accident after putting Miriam to bed

Miriam was a lot more of a handful, Hector's technique of gentle rocking and feeding of Achsa didn't work on Miriam... she continued screaming despite what Hector did to calm her

Bekah and Hector had to take shifts caring for Miriam

Achsa was a pretty self sufficient kid for the most part

She liked to fiddle with her easy bake oven... unfortunately most of the muffins she made came out burnt

At least there was always at least one plate of leftover Grilled Cheese in the fridge

It was the weekend and Achsa didn't have to go to school until monday... so she entertained herself with computer games

If the weather was nice, she would even go sit on the beach and build sandcastles or just watch the ocean

She even helped out around the house

Bekah was so proud of her little girl for being so self sufficient

/end Achsa!spam

It was a bright, sunny fall day and Bekah decided she needed a break from the kids and the house so she went out to the park for a little while.  There she met Aloe Brandt (prescilla_bean) [with Isabel Rutland (eien_herrison) enjoying the firedancer show]

After she was at the park for a little while, she decided to call Nate again and see if he'd like to join her

When he arrived in the taxi, Bekah had a lot of news to tell him

She felt a little guilty that she had such a good time with Nate [they have negative chemistry], she tried to keep their interactions platonic so she wouldn't end up hurting Hector

Bekah was confused when a strange gangly man in a top hat approached Nate and told him all kinds of unbelievable stuff

Toward the end of their date, Nate discovered that he had been the victim of pick-pocketing.  He was forced to cut their date short so he could alert the authorities about the shady dealings going on in the town park

Despite the unfortunate incident, Nate and Bekah still managed to have a great time together

Nate even dropped off a bouquet of roses later that afternoon [boo no date gift]

After leaving the park, Bekah decided to stop by the Far East Exchange and see if there was any MahJong Tournaments going on

She made a wish for peach a prosperity, and a little cash would be nice

She didn't get exacly what she was looking for, but Glen Coleman happened by and they decided to have a little date

Bekah had another wonderful date that afternoon

Like Nate, Glen dropped off a beautiful rose bouquet to commemorate their date

After a pleasant Sunday afternoon, Bekah got one final surprise, she as pregnant with her third child

Hector was beyond exhausted trying to keep up with Miriam and supervise Achsa all day

When Hector finally came to from his Grilled Cheese nap, he was pleased to hear the news of another baby despite having their hands full with the two they currently had

Monday morning was Achsa's first day of school, she got on the bus with a mix of trepidation and relief to be leaving the house

She was confused why she came home with bad marks on her first day... and she definitely wasn't looking forward to the homework

Achsa's first day of school wasn't the only milestone to happen that day... Hector and Bekah were both relieved that it was Miriam's birthday

This time Hector did the honors

Miriam grew up into an adorable young lady that had a good mix of both of her parent's features

Hector was always putting his children's needs before his own and it usually resulted in a sticky situation

The Family was still hurting for funds so they still only had one bathroom... Hector forgot that Achsa was a young lady now and tended to hog the small bathroom so that nobody else could use it.  Lucky for Hector, Achsa finished up her bath before he had an accident.

After the bathroom scare, Hector decided he was going to sleep in Achsa's bed... she was still afraid to sleep in the top bunk and preferred to sleep with Bekah

Since Hector was sound asleep, Bekah read Miriam a short story before putting her to bed

After Miriam was put to bed, and Hector was relaxing, Bekah helped Achsa with her homework 

Miriam was still a handful and refused to stay in her crib, so Bekah had to stay up with her until she woudl fall asleep

All the stress was not good for Bekah's very pregnant system...

Bekah was really going to have to start taking better care of herself if she wanted the new baby to be healthy

Well things are definitely getting more interesting in the Darling household.  Achsa is really a beauty, I'm pleased with how she looks as a child, and Miriam is so adorable, too bad she is hell on wheels pretty much.  Hector is really such a good father, too bad he generally takes care of the children to the point where he either starves himself, passes out or comes close to wetting himself.  The dates were kind of a bust this round... it was just too hard to have time to take Bekah on dates with everything going on around the house.  I have the next two weeks played, I just need to edit the pictures so stay tuned for a possible update in the next few days.  Oh, and I actually get to post some stats!!!  Yay!

ISBI Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Bunny Visits:
Pass-Outs: 2
Accidental Deaths:
Social Worker Warnings:
Social Worker Visits: