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Darling Legacy 1.3

A few days late, but here we go with Generation 1, Week 3 of the Darling VDS-ISBI Legacy.
Our founder is Bekah by simpurity  and the Generation 1 spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod 

Only a few cameos this week from sims by: xel_squirgle_ox , and prescilla_bean 

Last time at the Darling residence, Bekah went on some outings and dates with 2 handsome pixel_trade  men, Nate Brensley (steezie_k ) and Glen Coleman (tiipiipii ). Unfortunately they were cheapskates and only left rose bouquets so the family was pretty broke for the majority of the round. Achsa grew up into a toddler while Bekah was pregnant with her second child. Hector continued to be a great father and managed to continue being mostly functional. Bekah gave birth to another baby girl that they named Miriam. Achsa grew up into a child who gave me my first ISBI pass-out stat. Depite her rough start to child-hood, Achsa managed to be a very self sufficient child. At the end of the round, Bekah found out she was pregnant again but almost had a miscarriage and Miriam grew up into a very adorable toddler. Lets see how things go this round...

Week 3 Challenge Roll:
Asteroid! During the night, your house is inundated by a meteor shower, the house is saved but your lot didn't come out so well. Grab the lower ground tool, close your eyes, and randomly press it down all over the lot for an extended period of time. Live this way for a week until 'contractors' arrive to level everything out again.
[I didn’t get any pictures of this because I suck... sorry!]

The paper is continually stolen by the mean pixel_trade  sims in the neighborhood... It’s usually a competition between Lydia Mace (xel_squirgle_ox ) and Sharmaine Posey (stakeit_uk )

This week Lydia Mace (xel_squirgle_ox ) wins the race to the paper and is scolded by the mailwoman who is delivering bills at the same time

We also start off this week with some very unwelcome news

A flu epidemic has hit the Darling household... hopefully this doesn’t turn out deadly for the uncontrollables...

Bekah keeps trucking along despite the double whammy of flu and pregnancy... her persistence succeeds and Achsa learns how to study

While Bekah was helping Achsa with her homework, Miriam was getting into trouble of her own

Yes Miriam... that’s what happens when you play in the toilet...

After completing homework and getting the girls ready for bed... Bekah felt familiar pains, it was baby time again!

lizbeth120 ...holds breath...

One single birth, a boy who has the same coloring as Miriam, Brown hair and Hector’s blue eyes, named Isaac

The household was pretty desperate for money so Bekah took the first job she could find in the paper that day

Bekah was reluctant to leave Hector alone with Miriam and the newborn Isaac but she figured things would be fine. After putting Isaac down for his afternoon nap, Bekah got ready to head off for her first day at her new job

Bekah: Enjoy your day Hector
Hector: ::whimpers::

Hector handled his first day alone in the house pretty well. With Achsa off at school, Miriam was finally able to get some attention from her parents

While Miriam and Isaac were napping, Hector relaxed on the beach. Bekah had forgotten to make a meal for him before she left for work, and there weren't any snacks in the fridge. He hoped he could make it until she got home from work

Hector wasn't the only one having trouble that afternoon... Achsa was bored to death when she came home from school. Miriam never had a hard time occupying herself

With Bekah's new job, at least the family was able to afford a TV so that Achsa could watch cartoons afterschool

Unfortunately for Achsa, the TV wasn't enough to keep her occupied. This were rapidly disintigrating in the household with Bekah off at work...

Hector couldn't keep up with all 3 kids in the house... Miriam seemed to need a diaper change constantly

Hector could no longer control the hunger pangs and Bekah was still not due home for a few hours... [Hector's Hunger bar was completely red... YIKES ... so I used his one adult command to have him take leftovers out of the fridge so he wouldn't starve to death and then have the kids taken by the social worker]

Everyone was pleased when Bekah returned home that evening, epecially since she came bearing news of a promotion

When Bekah got home it was also time for Miriam's birthday, both Hector and Bekah hoped she would be a more subdued child than she was as a toddler. Bekah helped Miriam blow out her candles

Miriam grew into a very lovely young lady who had a good mix of her parent's features

Bekah and Hector were concerned that Miriam always carried an expression of worry on her face

Miriam certainly didn't seem pleased to be heading off to school the next day

After the rough time Hector had keeping up with the children the previous day, Bekah broke down and hired a nanny... they still didn't have a ton of money but she figured it would be better than Hector and the kids burning the house down. Plus, the nanny seemed competent enough

Unfortunately for Hector, he and the Nanny didn't really see eye to eye

That afternoon Achsa came home with very good news... All the time Bekah spent helping her with her homework paid off and she brought home an A+ report card

Hector was so proud of his little girl [I think this is the first time I actually had a sim cheer for their children's A+... usually they're busy with other things]

Bekah also came home with good news that afternoon, she had been promoted again bringing home a nice bonus and pay raise

Since Achsa was doing so well in school, it was Miriam's turn to learn how to do homework, she was very smart and picked it up pretty quickly

After settling in for the evening Bekah wasn't feeling so well... she thought she might still have some lingering flu symptoms

The nanny had gone home for the evening and Bekah was resting, so it fell to Hector to help Isaac grow up into a toddler, and a very cute one at that

The girls did very well at entertaining themselves. Achsa was excited to have someone to play with

Miriam really enjoyed the beach just like the rest of her family, she could often be found down at the shore building sandcastles well into the night

Hector was still an awesome father and probably took more care of Isaac than he needed to

Unfotunately, Hector was still having issues some issues putting the kids' needs before his own...

Luckily he was able to find the leftovers in the fridge this time

Hector couldn't seem to get away from the kids for long though, Achsa took advantage of food on the counter and enjoyed a grilled cheese sammich with him
Achsa: Daddy, do alien robots like grilled cheese?
Hector: ::nom nom nom::

Miriam wasn't going to let her sister get all the attention from Hector...

Nope... Miriam definitely was not going to be outdone

Bekah thought it would be nice to get the girls out of the house for a little bit so she took them to the park

Bekah was having a really hard time keeping her energy up so she decided to let the girls do their own thing while she got a little caffine boost

While Bekah was getting her caffine fix, Achsa struck up a conversation with a very cute Aloe Brandt (prescilla_bean)

[the girls also did some cute things, but they decided to do they in the one tile between the bathroom building and the fence where it is cramped and not well lit... so it was very difficult to get good pictures... perhaps a good thing as it saved on pic!spam]

Bekah found out she was pregnant again upon arriving home from the park that evening

All outward appearances showed that the family was pretty functional. Bekah helped with homework and hector played with Isaac

" />
Isaac was always playing with something, he was a very inquisitive little guy... he didn't even come close to getting in the kind of trouble his sisters got into at his age

Despite his inquisitive nature, Isaa wasn't too keen on learning new things, he was very resistent to learning how to talk and preferred just to play with his toys

With everything going on in the house, Hector was a little worried about the addition of a new family member, it seemed that they had plenty in the house already

Pending signs of aspiration failure? Shouldn't a family sim be happy about another child?
[And here I was beginning to think this was going to be the most functional, boring ISBI evar!]

While Hector was having a hard time dealing with the pending arrival of another child, Achsa was growing up well into a self-sufficient teen

Achsa decided that she wanted to devote her life to pleasurable pursuits

Achsa and Miriam still got along well despite their age difference

Hector was so proud of his oldest daughter, she was smart and well adjusted [despite her ISBI upbringing]

Bekah: I'm really glad you're old enough to help with babysitting now...

Achsa wasn't going to have to wait long for her babysitting duties to kick in...
...one of these days "random" is going to bite me in the ass isn't it...

not this time! A single baby boy, with a skintone I have been meaning to delete, brown hair and Hector's eyes (of course). His name is Levi

Things are starting to get a little more crazy around the Darling household. It appears that Hector might be on the verge of an aspiration failure otherwise this could possibly qualify as the most functional ISBI ever... Hector almost dying was totally my fault, I usually have Bekah put out food before she goes to work, and I didn't notice that the stock on the fridge at 0 so there was no "stuffing face" or snacking to be had for poor Hector and I certainly wasn't going to let him die and the kids get taken away.

Next round's challenge is goign to make things A LOT more interesting ::evil grins:: so stay tuned!

Sadly there are no stat updates this round, but here is the running total

ISBI Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Bunny Visits:
Pass-Outs: 2
Accidental Deaths:
Social Worker Warnings:
Social Worker Visits: