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August 21st, 2014

[Silvervale: A Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge] Teer 2 (R12)

Last Round, Wesley and Jeannie took surprisingly good care of their two little girls. Wesley was still pretty self-absorbed though and still haven't realized that Phoebe doesn't really look too much like the Teer side of the family, nor does she much resemble her mother. During her maternity leave, Jeannie took up writing, and gardening. After a too-high dose of pesticide exposure, she turned into a plant sim. Over the course of the round, both Wendy and Phoebe transitioned into lovely young ladies. Will Jeannie and Wes curb their cheating ways now that the girls are old enough to know what's going on? Lets see...


<lj-cut text="Round 12">

Out of Wesley's two daughters, he tended to see himself more in the eldest, Wendy.  She always seemed to be intersted in his latest film endeavors... and of course he was happy to endulge her questions

There was just something a little... odd... about Phoebe.  Wes couldn't put his finger on it, but she wasn't quite like the rest of the household

Wes and Jeannie really enjoyed having people over to the house.  Since they were both advancing in their careers, they could spend more time with friends and relatives.

Jeannie didn't really even mind it too much when Wesley's girlfriends were hanging around the house.

Rose and Linda were actually pretty cool to be around most of the time

Wendy and Phoebe also really enjoyed hanging out with their cousins.  All the kids got along so well

While the cousins were keeping the girls busy, Wes and Jeannie tried to sneak a little alone time in the hot tub

What they didn't realize was that Wes's girlfriends were still hanging out around the house.  ((Silly ACR))

Linda had finally had enough of Wesley's two (three?) timing ways.  She didn't understand why he had chosen Jeannie over both she and Rose, but she was pretty sick of it.

Things escalated pretty quickly, Jeannie was not pleased with getting attacked in her own home by some hussy

Despite all the drama, Wes and Jeannie's guests for the evening must have still had a good time

Jeannie decided enough was enough as far as woohoo was concerned and just decided she would bud instead  ((Wes thought it was hot))

Meet plant-baby, Clover.  He's super cute :)

Scoring: 0 points

Household Net-Worth: /shrug

((That's it for this house, I guess it was pretty boring because all I have are shots of the drama.  These are from Feb 2012 as well, so I really don't remember.  A couple out-takes for you:

Apparently plant-babies can get their "water" need from playing in the toilet

I have to remember to cure all the Teer household members next time I get to their house, and stop inviting them over to visit my other households because they are plague carriers

I've actually played the Wade household, next on the rotation.  I've been having some trouble loading my larger households since I transferred the hood to the new computer... I think it has something to do with the amount of sims and CC in the more established households.  It's probably good because I need to weed out my monster CC folder anyway.  More updates on the horizon, thanks for reading!)) </lj-cut>