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Darling Legacy 1.4

Greetings! My best friend has sucked me back into playing WoW so sims hasn't been at the top of my gaming to-do list... but I'm forcing myself to hammer out an update before resuming my attempt at Loremaster...

This week things around the Darling house get very interesting as we embark on the Angelina Challenge!

Our Founder is Bekah by simpurity , Generation 1 Spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod

Cameos this week include sims by: pebblefish , juri_anne , stakeit_uk , lauriethemuppet

Last week at the Darling residence, Miriam continued to be an unholy terror and Bekah gave birth to their third child, a boy named Isaac. Bekah got a job in the Criminal career track and left Hector and the kids to fend for themselves in the house, Hector almost died of starvation and his 1 adult command was used to make him get leftovers. After the first disasterous day of being alone, Bekah thought it would be most prudent to hire a nanny to stay with the kids. Miriam grew into a very concerned looking child, Achsa brought home an A+ report card whild Miriam continued to demand the attention of her parents. Bekah found out she was pregnant for a forth (and hopefully final) time. At the end of the Round, Hector was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Achsa grew up well into a Pleasure loving teen, and Bekah gave birth to another boy, named Levi.

Week 4 Challenge Roll:
The ‘Angelina’ Challenge: adopt three toddlers in a row. If you don’t have enough money to adopt, save up until you do. If you don't have enough room in your household, move some people out. Once the adopting starts, it has to be three in a row. None of these children are eligible for heir.

Here are some shots of the house at the beginning of Week 4. Nothing too terribly special but it works

Exterior shot

Interior floorplan: (clockwise from the upper left hand corner) Dining Area, Kitchen, Girls' bedroom, Bathroom, Nursary, Entry, Parents' bedroom plus ensuite bathroom, in the center is the Living area with stairs that will eventually lead up to a second level

Hector was losing his knack with the children, Levi seemed to be the worst of the bunch thus far

Luckily Achsa was able to calm him down and let the already frazzled Hector have a break

I didn't realize that sims would autonomously do Hobby related activities, but it looks like Hector likes to skim the paper for Nature realted articles

as cute as it is that Hector is autonomously looking at the paper, I wish he would keep a better eye on Isaac

Before Isaac is able to completely flood the bathroom, Bekah comes home, and with a promotion, she's so made of win!

Also made of win is Miriam's first A+

Isaac grows up well [I'm scared at how functional this family seems... shouldn't they all be crazy and failing by week 4?]

A change of hairstyle was in order, and Isaac approves

Isaac close up -- zomg! cute!

Chance card!

yup... full of win!

Promotion shot

After Bekah's promotion it turned into skilling night at the Darling Residence...

Miriam: So I hear mom is going to adopt some kids...

You heard right Miriam

Toddler #1 is named Amar... he doesn't look too happy, he probably knows he's destined for a life of slow insanity

Miriam gets a chance card at school

ouch... that's not a good thing in an ISBI household

That afternoon, Hector brings the Beautiful Carla (pebblefish ) home from work

Isaac really takes a shine to Carla... Maybe if he ends up as heir we have a future spousal match /grin

While Isaac entertains Carla, Hector is bordering on a mental breakdown. Considering he's a family sim and all, shouldn't he be happy that there are so many kids in the house?

Carla manages to cheer Hector up a little bit

Another chance card for Bekah...


After the first two weeks of hardship in the house, they can really use the extra funds

Bekah had to head straight back to work after her promotion, so they had to call their back-up nanny over... she's back-up for a good reason

And she gets another chance card

Holy Cow! Now the house can finally get all the rennovations I planned for it

We're already pic heavy this entry... so I'll show renovations next time...

Achsa was having some issues finding the grilled cheese in the new kitchen... Um, Achsa, Miriam has a whole plate right there

So instead of partaking in the nice new plate of grilled cheese that Miriam pulled out of the fridge, Achsa decided to stuff her face instead

Adoption #2

Another boy, named Greg who also looks very unhappy

Achsa decided she was going to skip school that day to help her mom with the toddlers...

Luckily she's a teen so an F shouldn't trigger a social worker visit right?

She really did help out...

... a little bit ...

What's the point in bathing the toddler if you're just going to let him play in the toilet afterwards?

When hector got home from work, things started to fall apart...

um... he just got finished with a bottle silly message!

Achsa went to help Levi grow up, but before she could get to the crib...

... she had a little bit of an accident = +1 stat update!

After Achsa's little incident she was still able to help Levi transition into a toddler

Levi is a cutie, but that skintone really has to go

it was definitely not a good night for the toddlers in the house [after all the pandemonium in the house I forgot to call the adoption agency... so Levi's transition will have to do until Bekah is able to call for another toddler... there are 3 in the hosue already, heh]

nor was it for Hector

I think the only reason Isaac didn't have a rough night was because Bekah kept him occupied doing homework

As a reward for being such a good boy, Bekah decided that Isaac could have a fishtank

The fishtank was a hit with the other kids too

After all the kids had gone to bed, Bekah and Hector sat down to a nice midnight snack...
Bekah: All these kids are making me feel old...

Bekah only had 5 days left on her age meter, so she had 2 big gulps of elixir so that she wouldn't die off before all the kids were out of the house

Achsa was making a habit of missing school, uh oh

Um, excuse me missy, but you're skipping school, isn't the whole point to have fun?

After waking up from her after-school nap, Miriam transitioned into a teen

Somehow she grew up well...

Miriam decided that she wanted to make lots and lots of friends, She was interested in a logical, good cook who didn't dress like a clown

Close up shot of Miriam... she still has the perpetual look of uneasiness on her face

Before Bekah heads off to work, it's time for Amar to transition into a child

Not surprisingly, Amar grows up badly

After a quick trip to the mirror for a haircut, Amar decides that playing in the toilet overflow is a good idea

In all of the craziness, somehow 2 nannies got called in... After a long night of taking care of the many Darling children, Nanny 1 doesn't have time to go to the bathroom (Amar was probably in there jumping in the puddles still)

Bekah returns just as Nanny 2 is peeing herself

This family is so full of neat-niks that they put cleaning before any other possible need... Miriam would complain that she has no fun and then go mop a puddle

Miriam: Daaaaaad, I'm bored!
Hector: Hi Bored, nice to meet ya, I'm hungry

So Bored and Hungry go out to play catch in the middle of the street

um... Miriam, watch out behind you

Miriam and Hector played catch so late into the night that Hector fell asleep in his grilled cheese in the morning

Amar has bathroom rage

Adoption #3

Our last adoptee is a little girl named Caryl

Caryl is a cutie and actually looks like she could be related to the Darlings, except for the dark brown eyes

After getting Caryl settled into the house, Bekah fixes lunch for the family, Hector is grilled cheese napping again...

Bekah used the last of the food in the fridge for lunch and she needed a break from the craziness... so she headed out to the farmer's market to get some groceries. Some locals were at the market too... Plum Conceptia (juri_anne), Lucienne Adler (stakeit_uk) and Dorea Myrrhs (lauriethemuppet)

After paying for her groceries, Bekah tells Plum all about the lovely meal of grilled cheese she just prepared for her family. Lucienne and Dorea strike up a conversation as well

While waiting for the taxi to arrive, Bekah ran into another of juri_anne's sims, Ella Frell

When Bekah got home from the market, it was time for another birthday, their second adopted son, Greg was transitioning into a child

Greg grew up poorly

Amar: You know, Greg, we'd probably be better off as ghosts than living in this crazy house...

This is the most sims I've ever had... having the Angelina challenge in an ISBI doesn't surprise me that the middle kids are growing up poorly, heh

Hector was a little dismayed that the kids were growing up and more independent... they would rather play video games than hang out with their dad

Miriam even found the fishes more interesting than hanging out with Hector

At least Bekah still wanted to pay attention to her hubby... [see, Hector does occasionally find his was to his own bed]

Aww, Achsa and Miriam are besties :D

The kids were always able to find ways to amuse themselves...

Amar: I am soooo glad that I'm adopted
Wow, Amar really hates living here doesn't he?

Caryl is such a functional toddler in comparison to the rest of the kids< br />

Moar Birthdays! This time it's Levi's turn

Aww, he looks so happy and well adjusted...

Just kidding... Levi has worse rage issues than Amar did...

Levi decides to pick on his brother Isaac... maybe we have our first sibling rivalry

And the last of the kids grows up

Caryl, amazingly, grows up well...

While Caryl celebrates growing up to be a functional child, Levi continues to rage on in his parents' bedroom

Another side effect of having an insane house... whoops

Well the bills must not have been that much... he only took a chair, the hula girl lamp and the vase of ikea flowers flowers

Good idea Bekah... serenity now... serenity now...

And on Tuesday morning, the kids are off school so we'll avoid having to keep up with homework for one day at least... with 5 kids in the house, I imagine homework will not be fun

Next week we have Teenagers, Roaches and the Flu!  And it'll be time for an heir poll, so stay tuned!

ISBI Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Bunny Visits:
Self-Wettings: 1
Nanny Self-Wettings: 2
Pass-Outs: 4
Accidental Deaths:
Social Worker Warnings: 2
Social Worker Visits: