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Adopt a Darling

This post will be updated with each new generation

Standard Disclaimers:
  • Sims are packaged CC free, except for skintone and any facial effects that make them unique (i.e. freckles)
  • I use my own genetisization scale so if you don't want genetisized skintone, use Clean Installer to install sims
  • Do as you wish with my sims, but please don't claim as your own or upload to any PAY sites or the exchange!
  • If you use one of my sims, I'd love to see pictures :)

The Darling founder is Bekah by simpurity available here
Generation 1 spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod  available here

Generation 2:

Achsa Darling
Pleasure (LTW: 50 Dream Dates)
Scorpio: 8/5/6/4/3
Orientation: Straight
Turn-ons: Blonde Hair, Cleaning / Turn-off: Hardworker
Download Achsa
Miriam Darling
Popularity (LTW: Become Media Magnate)
Virgo: 10/2/8/3/3
Orientation: Bisexual
Turn-ons: Logic, Cooking / Turn-off: Costume Makeup
Download Miriam
Isaac Darling
Romance (LTW: 20 Simultaneous Lovers)
Cancer: 8/3/1/3/10
Orientation: Gay
Turn-ons: Red Hair, Cooking / Turn-off: Underwear
Download Isaac
Levi Darling
Popularity (LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef)
Pisces: 8/5/8/3/8
Orientation: Gay
Turn-on's: Perfume, Formalwear / Turn-off: Red Hair
Download Levi


I'm grabbing Levi! Thanks!
You're welcome! I hope he's a little more functional in your game than he is in mine!
He's going to be one of my queen bee fathers! I'm sure the children will be beautiful!