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Darling Legacy 2.0 (part 1)

Well it's been a long time since the Darlings have gotten any attention... sorry about that, I have very little free time in spring/summer (the garden keeps me very busy), AND I despise University. But enough of my lame excuses...

Our Founder is Bekah by simpurity
Spouse is Hector by iliketoplaygod
But you won't see them in this update...

Special cameos of sims by: paperposies, boolpropbea, upendoaushi, sims_by_izza, lostavenuea, xie_belle, rhiannon_alexis, sounseelie, aijux, charterzard, needlecream, snapun

Last time we saw the Darlings they were on the brink of ISBI insanity. Levi was unstable and in a rage most of the time, and Achsa started a war with the garbage can. By the end of the week, all of the kids had transitioned into teenagers and were shipped off to University. Hector and Bekah also transitioned into Elders.

Congratulations to Miriam who was voted to be our Torch Holder!

Miriam: Torch Holder? What does that mean exactly?
Beadqueene: It means you have to take care of your brothers and sisters and try to help them not to devolve into insanity... oh, and when you choose a spouse and have kids....

Miriam: ((sighs)) Wait...you have got to be kidding me...
beadqueene: ((smiles)) Ready to get started?

The kids got settled in an chose rooms... it looks like Isaac disapproves of his sister being chosen for heir

Our first walk-by! Dede Love by paperposies, unfortunately, she's just walking by and doesn't claim a room

The last sims I made into townies were the three Darling Adoptees (left to right: Amar, Caryl, Greg). They all came and tried to claim a door so I locked them in the bathroom until more pixel_trade sims could stop by. Maybe I need to move the adoptees into their own house so I don't have to go through this every round

The first dormie is Kor'a Lys (boolpropbea)

Dormie #2 is Jonah Schwartz by upendoaushi who bee-lines to the pool table

Our third lovely dormie is Patricia Fennell (sims_by_izza)

The Darlings get to know some of their dorm-mates.

Miriam thinks Kor'a is kinda cute (1 bolt)

Jonah isn't too sure about these crazy Darlings... That or Achsa is just being a bitch...

Time for more dormies!

Vera Lewis by lostavenuea

Copernicum by xie_belle

Not a dormie, but this is gorgeous cheerleader my game spawned, quinctia's awesome hair retexture is perfect for the cheerleaders, agree y/y?

Everyone seems to be settling in OK. The dormie in the green skirt is Mecca by xie_belle but I forgot to get a close-up shot... whoops

Miriam went out to see if she could find any dating prospects that she has more than 1 bolt with. She ran into Duckie Davenport (rhiannon_alexis)at the pool table

She also got to know the beautiful Anka (sounseelie) and they hit it off pretty well (still only 1 bolt though)

Miriam spent a little too much time out on the town that she passed out in her leftover mac and cheese ((come on Miriam, you're making me look bad))

As soon as Miriam has a full grade bar, all the kids are getting sent off to take their finals, so she gets right down to work on her term paper...

Grades for Semester 1... not too shabby for uncontrollables

When they arrive home from their finals, Miriam greets walk-by Adelaide DuPree (aijux) but doesn't find her the least bit attractive

to celebrate the end of her first semester, Miriam invites Anka over to get to know her a little better

Miriam really enjoys Anka's company and decides to put the moves on her...

Unfortunately for Miriam... Anka just doesn't seem to feel the same spark just yet

Anka is definitely game for a pillow fight though ;)

Miriam isn't the only one in the dorm looking to get some action... Jonah and Mecca are the first to break in the photobooth

after much pillow fighting, gossiping and admiring, Anka is finally receptive enough to give Miriam her first kiss... awwwww

Jonah is quickly becoming the dorm pimp. He took Mecca to the Photobooth, then a few sim-hours later, he was in there with Patricia

I don't think Jonah will be taking Achsa to the photobooth anytime soon though, all she does is pick on him

Miriam: Congrats sis, your bitch face is showing

Second semester grades, the uncontrollables still seem to be OK

Levi just wanted a little hug from Patricia...

Patricia: uhmmm... no?

Poor Levi :( I think Fact (charterzard) is glad he doesn't live in this crazy dorm

Isaac is the most functional of the Darling Siblings at the moment... you'd think a romance sim who isn't getting any romance would be crawling up the walls by now, but he's perfectly content to sit and do things related to his hobbies

Achsa on the other hand is just plain mean to everyone. She's constantly picking fights

Cheerleader: you're like totally right. Tops are like totally lame.
too bad the cheerleader is in no mood to argue

Apparently the topic then turned to how great Jonah is in the sack

Even Levi got in on the girl talk

It's funny how they still gossip about is how the nanny used to wet herself, even though I don't think Levi was even old enough to know what was going on when they had a nanny

The Darling Crew are kinda cliquey

And that's a little creepy

At least they are best friends with each other

It's pretty bad in an ISBI when the dormies are more interesting than the playables

Third semester

Miriam greets super adorable walk-by Mitsy (needlecream)

Yay 2 bolts!

Isaac is the first sim to find the easel, this is where he will spend the rest of his time at university

Just when I'm getting all excited that Miriam has found a 2-bolter in Mitsy, she gets into the photobooth with Kor'a

Don't look so smug Miriam...

You'd think these two were 3 bolters the way they act sometimes, but they barely have 1, and they barely have any relationship either

Miriam isn't the only Darling getting action.

I guess Isaac and Levi are upset that the only two men in the dorms are straight... they're really being creepers though

Well that was a quickly blossoming romance

I added some new dormies to the hood -- the blonde elf is my Celia

The adorable Gwen Cooper snapun shows off her (lack of) dance skills

Miriam and Mitsy still enjoyed eachother's company even if Miriam had a little fling with Kor'a

The next day, I had Miriam invite Mitsy over and she asked if she could bring a friend... the friend turned out to be Anka

It looks like Miriam would rather be with 1-bolters than 2-bolters... sims are silly sometimes

Now Miriam is totally confusing me, ACR must be messing with her head...

This could lead to some potential drama in the future though

Miriam isn't the only Darling sibling falling in love :)

In other news, Levi found the exercise bike. I'm kinda scared

Yup, that is what I was afraid of

Moldy pancakes > starvation... Good decision making Levi

And I'm going to wrap it up with a shot of their 4th semester grades

Uh oh, looks like Levi has more problems than just death by exercise bike

ISBI Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Bunny Visits:
Self-Wettings: 2
Nanny Self-Wettings: 2
Pass-Outs: 5
Accidental Deaths:
Social Worker Warnings: 6
Social Worker Visits:
Academic Probation: 1

Part 2 coming sometime soon-ish... I am firing up the game now to play some. Thanks for visiting!


Wow, what a busy dorm! Miriam sure does have a lot of lovers to choose from! And hopefully Levi makes it out of Uni graduated...or alive at least, lol.
it was actually super boring to play though... my ISBI sims don't really do anything interesting, lol. We'll see what happens with Levi, all the uncontrollables got tossed into the philosophy major because they didn't declare... I'm not sure what the skill requirements are for it and if they'll even be able to fill up their grade bars at this point. I kept Miriam close by in case she had to plead for her brother's life, I'm just glad it didn't happen while she was away at class!