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Sticky Post

Greetings and Welcome to my Livejournal! This is where I'll dump stories and perhaps some of the random content I create for The Sims 2.

Sims in this journal are pixel_trade friendly. But use the tag lizbeth120 since that's the journal I had before I moved sims stuff here...

TS2 Challenges:

[Silvervale Prosperity Challenge] hosted @ at Blogger, but cross posted here

[Darling Legacy] a pixel_trade VDS-ISBI
Generation 1~1.1  /  1.2  /  1.3  /  1.4  /  1.5
Generation 2~2.0.1 & 2.0.2 (uni) / 2.1
Adopt a Darling

If there's something you MUST HAVE and can't find, my downloads folder is pretty meticulously organized... I rename files to reflect what they are and who made them, so I can probably figure out where it came from

Mod the Sims
Garden of Shadows
Black Pearl Sims
Paysites Must Be Destroyed

Body Shop
Default Replacements
katu's Delicious Milkshake Skins defaulted by leaths
Other Genetisized skins
Pooklet's Kids in Technicolor
Pooklet's Freckly as Fuck @ GOS
Pooklet's Rehash @ GOS
Pyxis' Venice blends and Venice Supernatural Addons @ GOS
RenSim Circonflex (genetisized and townie-fied by me)

Most sets by jesstheex
Tabb's Sanctuary Eyes @ MTS

Pookleted Retextures of whatever I can get my hands on
stakeit_uk, snapun, Pinketamie, Almighty Hat and other sundry places around the web

Default Replacement Face Templates:
Spookymuffin @ GOS

Bruno @ MTS
IcedMango / LaPink
Shady @ MTS (piercings)
Alkaloid @ MTS (freckles)
Nymphy (facial hair)
jesstheex (makeup, freckles)

Default Replacements Database: sims2_defaults
Fakepeeps @ MTS
Fanseelamb @ MTS