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[Silvervale: A Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge] Devivio 2 (R12)

Apologies for not updating much lately... I got TS3 for Christmas and I've been playing it a lot :p I'm definitely not giving up TS2, but now I have to divide my time between them. Also, if you're interested, I have a Tumblr where I post random pics, it's much less commitment than blogging so I feel like I'm much more active there, feel free to follow if you'd like :) Now on to the update...

Last time we visited Flora and Annatto, they were raising their first son, Camron, and more puppies for Annatto's LTW. Flora discovered she was pregnant with another bundle of joy. Jack met Kimi Tanaka from Rosebud and fell head over heels for her, at the end of the round he moved out to be with Kimi. Camron transitioned into a very cute child, and Flora gave birth to another boy that they named Ferris (who turned out to be a personality clone of Camron). Lets see how they get on this round.

Devivio (lot 6) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left) Flora Devivio holding Ferris, Annatto Eich, Camron Devivio, Dogs: Benny and Sandi

Flora and Annatto were more in love than ever

And they had two wonderful sons, their family was perfect. Ferris was turning out to be just like his older brother

Since Annatto was a stay at home dad, he had lot of time to spend with Ferris

Flora didn't want to be left out though, so she took advantage of her days off to teach Ferris the skills he would need

Camron was very outgoing and always wanted to invite friends over, luckily his cousin Kay lived right across the street and always wanted to come over to play

Flora made sure that Camron kept up with his study's too, she was always telling him the importance of keeping up with his schoolwork if he wanted to be successful

Camron didn't like doing homework, it was very hard for him to sit still that long and concentrate on one thing ((his fun is always completely tanked after school))

Camron would often get distracted with other things and had to be reminded to finish his homework

All of the hard work paid off in the end when Camron started to bring home A+'s

That evening it was time for Ferris to transition into childhood. Close family and friends were invited over for the party

Camron was excited that his brother was a little bit older, he was tired of hanging out with all his girl cousins

Flora definitely knew a thing or two about hard work. It didn't take long for her superiors to recognize the work she did around the Architecture firm, and she was promoted to the top of the field

The boys were so proud of their mom

Now that Ferris was older and didn't need as much attention, Annatto decided that he would start adopting more puppies... he couldn't stand the thought of all those puppies in the animal shelter, so he adopted a puppy named Carolina

Benny took to Carolina especially well, he was always grooming and playing with her

Unfortunately, ever since Benny matured into a full grown dog, there was tension between he and Sandi

Before the situation escalated more, Annatto decided to see if his sister wanted to adopt Sandi, he'd much rather give his well trained and raised dogs to family and friends than send them back to the shelter

Flora also had some things she wanted to take care of now that the boys were older. She hoped that getting them into private school would help stimulate them more than public school. That evening she invited the headmaster over for dinner

Annatto had heard that the headmaster's favorite meal was pork chops, so he whipped up some of his special recipe

Sure enough, both boys were admitted without a hitch

The end of the week brought another birthday, this time it was Camron's turn to transition into dreaded teen-hood

Camron chose a Family Aspiration with a penchant for fit blondes who don't wear jewelry

Camron's gender preferences:

He really turned out to be quite a looker :)

Camron Devivio
Family (LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren)

Scoring: 1 point for Flora TOC Architecture

I adore this family, they are so easy to handle... Although I really have to get a move-on with Annatto's LTW. I was hoping the Sandi and Benny would get along well enough to try for puppies, but as soon as Benny grew up, all they did was fight with one another. Carolina is a small dog, so I don't think I can breed a large and small dog together... does anyone know if that's true? We're off to the next Devivio house in the rotation to check in on Carla, Connor, Gibson and Kay... stay tuned!


Thank you I'm glad you like it! It's hard to believe, but it's been going since 2008! If you didn't already see it, my archived entries are hosted over at Blogger (please excuse the old old old pictures from when I started, I didn't have the skills of CC back then to make them look anywhere close to good, lol)
Wow, that's about 4 years! So cool and way to go! I saw your blogger blog from a link in the prosperity yahoo group, but I don't have an account so I found my way over here to comment easier!

It's kind of intimidating starting this challenge because you get points for so many things that are actually pretty hard and time consuming to achieve. Like points for top level businesses and gold badges and hobby plaques. And I'm awful at trying for those impossible wants! I'll have to see how yours started out and jot down some strategy ideas. :)