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Hair Retextures

So I've had these done for a while now, but life gets in the way sometimes :p Here are two exclusive retextures, and two retextures that I did to fulfill wishes over at GOS

The boring details: All hairs (except the male hair) come in 16 Pooklet naturals, and 12 random unnaturals. Hairs are binned and familied, unnecessary ages are removed. Elders go gray (1 gray per family) and grays are linked to brown. There are volatile base textures included in all of the files in case someone wants more colors. All meshes are included. Have some swatches:



First off is Raon 68, This hair is super cute and I've been wanting to retexture it for a long time. Thanks to in_as_much's Ivy for modeling

Download Raon 68

Next up is a Male to Female conversion of a Talenzz mesh. I don't know who did the original conversion, but I picked it up at GOS. Thanks to noodlesims's Leeloo for modeling

Download Talenzz M2F

The next two retextures are fulfilled wishes for the wishing tree at GOS. I decided to include them for the sake of completeness. First is Rose 49 with Nymphy's waves on the ponytail and Pooklet's textures elsewhere. I really love how this one turned out, it's one of my favorite hair retextures. Thanks to Mister Sullivan for my lovely CiJ present, Mel, who definitely earns her keep as a hair model

Download Rose 49

Lastly is Newsea's Shero Female to Male conversion with a shaved alpha. Credit to: Lydia (for the conversion), Elanor (for "shaving"). This one only comes in Pooklet's natural tones. Thanks to lilith_sims' Pierre for modeling

And for full disclosure, "shaving" the alpha makes a big gap in the back of the neck when the sim does certain animations. This wasn't a big deal to the requester, and I can't mesh, so I just left it. Here's an example:

Download Newsea Shero F2M Shaved

In hindsight, Volatile probably wasn't the best color to use to show the shaving, but I'm too lazy to go take new screenshots :p

Credits to:
Raon, Rose, Talenzz and Newsea for the original meshes
Pooklet and Nymphy for textures
Pooklet and Almighty Hat for colors
Anyone else already mentioned in the post for models and conversions :)


Wow, they all look great! :) I particularly like the Rose 49 and the Shero F2M. Those cascading curls are lovely. And I wasn't expecting the shaved side to the Shero! :D I've been wanting to experiment with more neons, in my game. After seeing these Unnaturals, I have no excuse not to, now!

(I also like your choice of models. They really do justice to the hairstyles!)
Thanks Whisper Doll! I don't really use neons that much either, but I just can't resist having the pretty colors in my game... and for certain sims they are very appropriate. I get all my models from pixel_trade users... there are some really adorable and unique sims over there!
Thank you, I'm glad you like them. I used your pic!spams as inspiration for my preview pictures :) I love Rose 49 too, and it looks so beautiful with Nymphy's curls.
I ADORE that second hair, I've been looking for something like it for a while now!
Leeloo looks rather lovely too! :D
Thank youu ♥
Thanks Noodle :) I love Leeloo she's just such a cutie, although I don't think she really liked wearing the blonde recolor... she's a neons kinda gal :p
I can only picture her with a bright pink hair myself! :P
Thanks! I love the ponytail ♥