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[Silvervale: A Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge] Devivio 4 (R12)

Last time we visited Kurt, Brittany and the kids, not much went on.  Kurt and Brittany aged into elders and the twins got admitted into the private school.  At the end of the round, Tabitha decided to for-go college and transition into adulthood along with her boyfriend Timothy.  Lets see what happens this round

Devivio (Lot 8) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Brittany [Upsnott] Devivio, Kurt Devivio, Nicholas Devivio, Jaina Devivio, Germain Devivio

Tabitha had found a quaint little house across town from her parents, so Sunday afternoon, after packing up her cauldron and spellbook, she called a cab to take her to her new place

Tabitha's move was coming at a good time, the house was starting to get crowded.  Especially since Nicholas' girlfriend Harley-Quinn was becoming a regular fixture around the house

Nicholas was having a hard time getting the hang of The Craft.  Brittany tended to hole herself up in her "secret room" to make potions and reagents

Nick thought it was probably for the best though... he wasn't sure his mother would approve of his straying from the "dark side"...  he'd much rather help people than hurt them

While the twins were content sharing a bedroom for the time being, their birthdays were coming up soon, and soon they would need more space for their cauldrons and spellbooks

Kurt tended to ignore the goings-on in the house.  In fact he even tried to make light of the rumors of supernatural happenings in his household.  He liked to pretend that he was in charge... not that his friends believed him (for fear of being turned into a toad... or worse)

Kurt was very proud of his family and he liked to think that Magic played no part in their family success.  Brittany was easily elected to be Mayor of Silvervale

The kids were also regularly bringing home A+ grades

Being the only non-magical member of the Family, Kurt had a hard time keeping up.  He seemed to get less and less sharp as he got older.  He probably should have just retired... but instead he got fired to poor work performance

Maybe getting fired was for the best, Kurt thought he'd have more time to do things he enjoyed... like playing with his trains

Brittany thought an afternoon of unemployment was enough for Kurt, she put him to work for her re-election campaign to keep him busy

For their birthday, the twins wanted to have some family and friends over for the occasion

Everyone packed into the small dining room to watch Jaina and Germain blow out their candles

Germain went first and declared a Knowledge aspiration

Germain Devivio
Knowledge (LTW: become Presdidigitator)

Jaina followed her brother in transitioning, and declared a Pleasure aspiration

Jaina Devivio
Pleasure (LTW: 50 Dream Dates) -- not going to happen!

The twins' gender preferences, both straight

After the party, the newly minted teens hung out in the backyard... they were definitely way too cool to actually swing on the swing set

Brittany thought it would be a good time to get them initiated into the family "business"

Jaina was a little harder to catch up with, she didn't want to hang out with her brothers outside.  Brittany thought she was actively trying to escape getting turned into a witch

The Spell didn't even take effect until Jaina had already gotten ready for bed

Like her brother, Nick, Jaina had too many nice points to want to stick with the evil ways of her mother.  She quickly learned to counter the evil spells and turned to a more neutral alignment

Scoring: 0 points (1 point for Brittany reaching TOC politics, -1 point for Kurt being fired)

((Well that was a fun round.  I'm looking forward to playing Tabitha by herself later in the round, but I'm not really looking forward to another Devivio child related LTW... they're already overpopulating my hood as it is!  Witches are really fun to play.  The Teer's are all infected with the flu/colds, Harley-Quinn spread it to this household... thankfully I had Nicholas just make up a bunch of reagents for the curing spell so he was going around casting it on anyone that came around (or he encountered at community lots) so that the plague wouldn't infect this house ;)  I think it's funny how the twins are so different, Germain only has one nice point, and Jaina has enough to at least be a neutral witch, if not good.  I'll have to check exactly how many she has next time.  The Eich's are up next!))


That is so interesting how you pick whether a sim will be a good witch or a bad witch. It sounds like you use their niceness score? I really like that. Jaina turned out to be just plain gorgeous! And I giggled at Brittany having to chase her kids down to turn them! Great update!
Yeah, I go by nice points (0-3 is evil, 4-6 is neutral, 7-10 is nice) to figure out their alignment. I really should do some sort of 50/50 chance that they are turned into witches but I like playing witches so I just automatically have them turned when they age up to teens :p I love how Jaina looks too, she's a perfect mix of her parents, and I've been dying to use that hair retexture for ages now!
I love the way you use so many supernaturals in your game! I don't have Apartment Life, myself, so I enjoyed reading about your witches. It's a neat idea to "pass along the craft," between generations. Speaking of generations, both of the twins aged up really well! They have a unique look: they look attractive, but also natural. (Are they identical twins?)

Poor Kurt. I'm reminded of Darrin from "Bewitched." ;)

When perisla pointed out that Brittany's kids were avoiding her (and their fate), it suddenly seemed pretty typical behaviour for teens. They may not have a choice about becoming witches, but at least Nicholas and Jaina are deciding what kind of witch they'll become.