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[Silvervale: A Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge] a Silvervale renaissance?

Well hello! I'm not sure anyone is still watching this blog but I wanted to say -- thanks to Origin, I can play TS2 again :)

Back in, oh... February 2012 (that's when my last TS2 screenshot is dated) my older Windows Vista computer began having issues. When I got a new computer it had Windows 8 and I honestly didn't want to jump through the hoops of getting TS2 to work on it. Sims in general kinda fell off my radar...

Last month, Origin was having the SIMS 2 ultimate collection for free to anyone with a Sims game registered. And, best of all it works with Windows 8!!!!

So anyway, Silvervale might be making a comeback because I really miss my sim-babies. I have the 'hood installed and working in my new game, and just finished reading through my own blog from the beginning to reacquaint myself. I have screencaps from two houses on my backup drive that I played 2 and a half years ago and haven't blogged yet, lol!

A lot of other things have changed (we just moved in to our new home) so things around here are super busy. But I can't wait to start playing again :). I might even blog those two found households if I can remember what happened.


Well, you've got at least one watcher/follower :) I grabbed TS2 ultimate bundle as well despite having most of the games working fine on this computer (free stuff packs and a digital backup? Not gonna say no) and I've been debating on attempting a new pseudo-prosperity challenge. Though, I've gotten into Steam/PC gaming in a wider manner.
Yay good to see you're still around :)